I’ve recently found a number of stories that I wrote in Creative Writing class back in high school, and a couple of them I thought are worth re-visiting. Here’s the first of my re-edited stories, which is based on the result of an assignment to write a one-page double-spaced story, written on September 29th, 2003.

Let me know what you think in the comments!!

Lingering Through the Sunset

originally written 9/29/03, edited 1/20/14

Alesky stood somewhat impatiently in the bitter cold, clutching his black overcoat tightly to his body. Peering again over the edge, his head reeled and his legs felt as though they may give out beneath him. Heights were definitely not something he had ever gotten used to over the years. Below him, he could see all of Manhattan scurrying about on its business.

Atop the building, fighting the terribly cold wind threatening to toss him off the roof, Alesky checked over the arrangements in his head for what must have been the twentieth time since he had arrived up there. Everything had to be perfect for this all to work out, and he was acutely aware that any of a million unpredictable things could turn the night into a disaster. Still, he persisted.

He checked his watch for the third time since he started counting. Still got time… C’mon, Aloysia, be on time for once in your life! he thought woefully to himself, What could be keeping her?

Off in the distance, in the dark heart of the city, Alesky could make out sirens over the wind, wailing on their way to some unseen travesty. He sincerely hoped nothing tragic was befalling Aloysia this evening. Especially this evening! There had been far too much planning and stress weeks ahead of time for anything to happen now…

Rustling gravel behind him snapped Alesky back to the world around him. Trying hard to appear calm, Alesky slowly turned around. To his dismay, there was only the wind, blowing the roof’s gravel about as a light snow began to cat Manhattan with its icy glaze. Disappointed, Alesky turned back to the city as the final pinpricks of the sunset dipped beneath the skyline, bathing the tallest buildings in a pale red glow befitting his growing frustration at the situation.

Another sound emanated from behind Alesky. He was about to dismiss it as the wind once more when he heard it again, much closer. Alesky turned quickly, still hugging his coat around himself protectively. To his great relief, there stood Aloysia in a long white fur coat, as stunning as ever. She slowly made her way to Alesky, a brief smile passing across her lips as the wind made a mess of her bleach-blonde hair. Leaning over to his ear, she hesitated for just a moment before whispering “Alesky… I’m so sorry…”

As he fell, Alesky hoped Aloysia didn’t catch a cold up on the roof.